10 Tips To Prepare For A Home Roof Replacement

10 Tips To Prepare For A Home Roof Replacement

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Replacing your old roof with a new roof is indeed an exciting experience. Whereas, kids find it quite interesting, all the ripping, tearing, hauling, and then nailing. Most of the kids would just want to get as close as possible to the action. But keep in mind that this is very dangerous. Once the flat roofing services company arrives at your house, your house simply turns into a work zone. No matter how safe you consider this work zone to be, there will always be unexpected hazards waiting.

Although no one can guarantee 100% safety, there are some safety preparations and precautions that you can make to be ready for it. We have compiled a list of top 10 tips for you that will without a doubt help you make your roof replacement venture go as smooth as possible. Because, to be honest, at the end of the day, you want your family and house to be safe.

Tip#1: Find A Parking Spot For Your Car

We all know that the roofing contractors need quick access to their truck throughout the whole project, right? They need a place that is convenient to load and unload the shingle, which is why you need to consider parking your car somewhere else until the work is all done. There is no harm in giving your prime parking space to them for a while. 

Other than that, you should keep the garage door closed at all times during the replacement of the roof. This will help you in keeping a lot of debris and dust out of the house.

Tip#2: Remove All The Wall Decorations

Well, the vibration from all the machinery and hammers on the roof will without a doubt travel through the walls of the house. You might want to remove almost all of the wall decorations that are not permanently fixed, for example, light fixtures, chandeliers, and frames from the walls just to play it safe.

Remove All The Wall Decorations

Tip#3: Put A Cover On The Things In The Attic

During roof repair or replacement services, most of the roofers will be walking on the roof and hammering it. Debris and dust will fall in the attic for sure. After the roofers have left, you will be spending a lot of time cleaning the items in the attic. 

Well, this does not have to be true, you can keep all the items clean present in the attic by covering them with an old sheet until the roofers are at the job. After the roofers are done with their work, you will only be required to carry on some light vacuuming.

Tip#4: Move The Exterior Furniture Away From The Working Area

All in all, on-site storage is one of the best places to keep your items such as patio furniture, lawn ornaments, plants, or any outside item. Well, if you do not have on-site storage, you might need to keep all these items away from the workplace.

Most of the contractual workers will not help you in moving such items, so you need to move them before they arrive at your place. 

Tip#5: Cut The Grass Before The Work Begins 

You need to cut the grass short before the roofing contractors arrive at your house. Why is that necessary? The short grass will keep the fallen debris from hiding in the lawn, which will make the cleaning process a lot simpler and more effective. 

Tip#6: Identify All The Power Outlets

The exterior power outlet is preferred, but if your house does not have one, the garage of your house is the second-best option.

If there is no power outlet in the garage as well, you might need extension cords that will be running through the windows or doors to get power outside. However, you need to be careful with the extension cords, they can simply pose tripping hazards. You need to choose the interior power outlet that does not get a lot of foot traffic.

Tip#7: Remove Satellite Dishes

If you have some kind of satellite dishes or antennas installed on the roof, you might need to get them removed. Do not try to remove them on your own or ask the flat roofing contractor to do it for you. Call your cable services company and ask them to arrange for you.

If the satellite dishes or antenna do not work, then you are more than welcomed to remove them on your own.

Remove Satellite Dishes

Tip#8: Keep A Lookout Of the Surroundings Amid The Construction

Roof replacement at your house can make unexpected hindrances. Electrical lines or other construction hardware that isn’t typically there offer some fine chances to truly hurt yourself. Remain alarmed during this opportunity to anticipate avoidable wounds. 

It is imperative to be inconsistent correspondence with the flat roofing services during the roofing services. You ought to ask them whether there are any proposals they need to make the venture smoother for both your family and the team.

Tip#9: Talk To Your Neighbor 

You should tell the neighbors there is work being done on your home. You ought to likewise give them an estimate of how much time will it take. They will be appreciative in light of the fact that it allows them to change their timetables and circumstance so they can be happy with during the undertaking.

Tip#10: Think About The Kids 

There will be loud noise from the work site, and this can bring about expanded uneasiness or unsettling influence of the sleeping habits. While it very well may tempting to watch this from far off, the work zones are dangerous for little kids and pets. 

You ought to stop for a moment to chat with your children so they can know the zones of the home that are forbidden during the task. Little kids and pets are not ready to understand these dangers, and that is the reason you ought to consider visiting your friend or family member when the undertaking is going on.

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