13 Simple Decorating Tricks That Add A Sense Of Luxury To Your Home

13 Simple Decorating Tricks That Add A Sense Of Luxury To Your Home

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Not everyone can afford a sprawling mansion. Not everyone can pay for elegant furniture pieces and accessories with steep price tags. Not everyone can hire a sought-after architect and interior designer to recreate those jaw-dropping celebrity homes from décor magazines.

But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to settle in a boring, cookie-cutter space, with less than stellar pieces and outdated decorating styles.

Your small, humble habitat, whether it’s a tiny apartment or one of those cheap prefabricated kit homes, can look elegant with some smart tricks. The good news is, they don’t break the bank.

Here are 13 simple decorating tricks that make a huge visual impact.

  1. Consider gold spray paint

Want to add a sense of luxury to your home without burning your pockets? Say no more – grab a gold spray paint.

A single coat can transform your small home accessories like vases, jars, plant pots, light fixtures, picture frames, and even old toys from stale to stylish. Try incorporating the “Midas touch” by painting the shelving unit, side chair, cabinet door handles, furniture legs, and mirror frame too. Feeling a little creative? Adorn white walls with gold stencils.

If gold isn’t your thing, you may shop for other metallic paints in rose gold, white gold, silver, chrome, and copper.

Consider gold spray paint

  1. Add interesting architectural moldings

Architectural details, like beadboard and picture frame wainscoting, crown molding, chair railing, and ceiling medallion, not only bring life to your flat walls and ceiling – they are also associated with upscale homes.

Just remember that elaborate styles work best in larger rooms. If you have a small space, go for simple styles that still pack a punch.

  1. Display fresh flowers

We all know that all plants breathe life to space. But if you want to bring in a great burst of color, go for fresh flowers.

Ditch your flimsy, faux florals for fresh and bountiful ones, and place it in beautiful vases with treated water. For a more elegant appeal, go for pristine white lilies or splurge on large bouquet in deep vivid colors. Place it on a coffee table, mantle, and dining table.

  1. Hang a large-scale art

It only takes a large-scale artwork to add a burst of flavor to bland space. Whether it’s color-packed or BNW, classical or modern, abstract or realistic, paint or charcoal, there’s no right or wrong choice for art – pick what suits your taste and looks beautiful in your home. But if possible, opt for an original art piece, rather than cheap, mass-produced wall art.

Art is not limited to framed ones hung on walls. You can display large-scale, three-dimensional pieces including sculptures, installation, and handicrafts, like pottery. They provide rich contrast and multi-layered look while making quite the statement. 

Hangalarge-scale art

  1. Treat upholstery with nailhead trim

Does your living room couch look dull and cheap? How about your dining chairs? This effortless DIY trick is one cheap and easy way to give your existing upholstery a high-end, tailored look.

Next, to seating pieces, you can also use nailhead trim for sprucing up your drawers, side table, lamp shades, and even windows and doors.

  1. Bring in an unusual furniture piece

Let a unique furniture piece or two stands out in a sea of clean lines, curves, and hues for a strong visual punch. It can be a tree root coffee table, a hanging egg chair, or a sculptural ceiling light – any piece with an unusual form, texture, pattern, and color is a must-have.

It can also be a piece with a history – like antique furniture which has been around long before you were born.

Bring in an unusual furniture piece

  1. Update old hardware and fixtures

Update your rusty light switch plates. Modernize your old-fashioned door knobs. Spruce up your old cabinets and drawers with a new set of handles and pulls. Change the light fixtures.

Updating the hardware, from small cabinet handles to big light fixtures, is one cheap and simple way to give your old home a high-end sheen.

  1. Add a mirror or two

It doesn’t have to be a statement mirror with a lustrous, elaborate frame (although that works too) – a large mirror, whether it’s round or rectangular, floor-length or not, can make a huge difference. Next, to adding visual appeal, proper placement of mirrors can also make your space look bigger, even twice its actual size.

  1. Get rid of something so old and ugly

“If it doesn’t spark joy, toss it,” the famed Marie Kondo said. Same goes for the old, ugly furniture, fixture, and home accessories of yours.

It can be a 30-year old, torn and worn piece of furniture or a piece of cheap-looking décor you have never wanted in the first place. Trash it, donate it or put it inside a storage box – just keep it out of sight.

  1. Choose deep, bold colors

Want to really show it off? Skip your classic whites, browns, and grays and opt for rich jewel tones.

Reach for deep hues with glossy finishes if you want a more luxurious approach. We’re talking about rich jewel tones like a deep navy wall with gold and purple accents, or an emerald green wall with white moldings and wooden elements.

Choose deep, bold colors

  1. Use textiles with lavish tones and textures

If you’re not into repainting your walls, you may apply the idea on your textiles. Velvet throws in sultry jewel tones could make any cheap sofa feel like a million bucks.

You can also place a nice, large statement rug to ground your furniture and add the much-needed texture, color, and warmth of your home.

  1. Use bookshelves for more than books

A bookshelf that looks like a stuffy library can make a home look cheap and cluttered. Try to display a few favorite books – something you read from time to time – and intersperse with some framed photos, small floral displays, and interesting bookends. Stack books horizontally and vertically for a well-curated look.

Use bookshelves for more than books

  1. Simplify your styling

“Minimalist interiors look cheap,” says no one.

Less is more – for sure you’ve heard this overused line. Sometimes, your space just needs to have less in it to appear more expensive.

Declutter, to start with. Learn to pare things down, make a few quality items stand out, and let space breathe. Make the most out of a few pieces by mixing and matching different textures, shapes, and colors for a dynamic, inviting home.

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Author Bio: Mina Corpuz is a daytime writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a renowned construction company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying top-quality steel-framed kit homes in Australia. She loves writing articles focused on real estate and interior design.

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