5 Bookshelves Ideas You Should Be Doing

5 Bookshelves Ideas You Should Be Doing


If you’re an avid reader, you probably have way too many books, some that you’ve read 3 times and some that you haven’t even started yet – and no idea where to put them. That’s where bookshelves come in handy. Bookshelves are wonderful as they serve many functions and on top of being incredibly useful, they can also look very stylish and chic.

Bookshelves can bring harmony to a cluttered room by offering you a place to store your belongings where you previously had none, they can make your room appear to be more sophisticated, but most importantly: they give you a place to store all your precious books.

For this guest post we asked the team of Such & Such to give us some bookshelves ideas worth checking out. See their top 5 list below.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling

We’ve all seen it; this style is in the movies in the homes of whoever the smartest character is and often there is a secret passage way hidden behind them! However, you don’t need a secret passage way to find these incredibly beautiful and useful. You can line an entire wall with these and if you have a small apartment they’re even better. Not only do they look elegant, but they also provide you with storage space for your belongings! Just imagine lining an entire wall with floor to ceiling bookshelves, what you’ve essentially done is turned that wall into one giant shelve where you can place whatever you need!

2. Crates

This one is a very neat idea as you can use empty gift boxes into makeshift bookshelves if you put their top facing the wall, so the open end is facing the room! You can stack them however you like so not only is this bookshelf idea practical, but it can be very stylish as it comes in whatever color you want and whatever shape you decide to build it in! The best part about this is you don’t even need to buy new ones; you can use whatever ones you find around the house and they can also double as a gift if necessary! You have a crate with some books you don’t think you’ll be reading any more or you’re using it as storage space? Slap the lid on that bad boy and send it to a friend as a present. They’ll love the books or whatever knick-knacks you’re storing in it!

3. Headboard bookshelves

This one is as rare as it is neat. How you do it is by removing the cover of your headboard either on the side or the backing and adding shelves in there! Suddenly Boom! You have a bookshelf right by your bed! This not only looks amazing but also is useful because if you have 100 books, but you want to read 10 of them this month you can put those 10 in the headboard so they’re always by your bed for whenever you’re ready to lay down and read.  

Headboard bookshelves

4. Floating bookshelves

This one is intriguing. What you do is hand tiny shelves all over your room, wherever you want really, and put the books on top of them. Try to make these shelves small enough to be hidden so it gives your books the appearance of floating but large enough to hold the weight of a few books, so you can stack 4-5 on each one. You can assemble these randomly in your room which is what I have done, or you can turn them into a standard bookshelf where they line up in rows.

5. Framed bookshelves

These are some of the most interesting and beautiful bookshelves out there and they’re very simple to make. What you need to do is get a decent sized bookshelf and fill it full of books, next you want to create a frame. Now this one might not be for everyone as this one is a little more DIY than the others, but it is a project worth the time. If you can construct a wooden frame on the outside that resembles a picture frame you now have a bookshelf that appears to be a life-like 6-foot picture of a bookshelf but it’s not a picture, it has books! Any guest who walks in and sees this will immediately be impressed by it.

Framed bookshelves

There really are so many bookshelf ideas out there in the world but these 5 are some of our favorites. The floating bookshelves scattered through the room give you a great feeling as soon as you enter it, the floor to ceiling bookshelves look stylish and also serve as a place to put your belongings, the crate bookshelves can be made to be however you want and also can double as a gift box, the picture frame bookshelf is hard to craft but once it’s done it can be the centerpiece for a room, and the headboard bookshelf is easy and highly practical. I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas and that you take the time to bring some of these wonderful ideas to life!

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