5 Easy Architectural Ideas for Indian Homes

5 Easy Architectural Ideas for Indian Homes

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To maintain a harmonious life and family, every person needs infinite positive energy which is never perfect and in this endeavor, Vaastu creates solutions in the house to help you. Vastu Shastra is an Indian Vedic system that ensures the physical, psychological and spiritual order of the created environment. let’s know 5 easy architectural ideas for Indian homes –

It is believed that in order to obtain peace, happiness, health and wealth, Vaastu’s guidelines should be followed during the construction of their homes. According to the laws of Vaastu Shastra, creating structures by creating positive cosmic regions, people living in and home will be protected from diseases, depression, and disasters. Following the simple tips of Vastu Shastra will make remarkable positive changes in lifestyle, which will help in making it progressive,

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5 Easy Architectural Ideas for Indian Homes

  1. Bright and welcoming entrance:- Keeping the entry door attractive and welcoming is one of the main assumptions of Vastu Shastra because there are an entry and movement of positive and negative energy in this house. The entrance to the main entrance should be the largest and most effective of the house, which allows maximum disintegrations flow. The main entrance of the house should be in the east or north-east direction so that the bright radiation of the Sun will clean the house with positive energy and light.
  2. Do not highlight high ceiling beams:- According to the rules of Vaastu, the beam bears a disappointing effect on the members of the family who give birth to disagreements and the atmosphere leading the arguments. If you find it difficult to remove the highlighted beam, cover them with plaster artistic or avoid sitting under those beams.
  3. Keep the environment clean with scented candles and sunshine:- Burn the scent and candle to clean the house environment every morning and evening. Whether it is sprayed with aromatic water, the lamps of the soil burn in the dark, which act as the purifier and remove the negative energy from the house.
  4. Importance of beautiful pictures:- To maintain a pleasant atmosphere, always have pleasant pictures in the house such as beautiful scenery, happy people or children, etc., where there is no sight of sorrow, pain or suffering anywhere. By keeping good positive pictures, members of the house see them while entering or coming out of the house, then creates a feeling of happiness and peace of mind.
  5. Avoid dislocation around the bed:- The clutter always indicates chaos, and according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, there should not be a large crowd of furniture or decor items in the living room of the bed and nearby. The bedroom is the place where tan and mind get peace, so do not keep anything under the bed because they can cause the disruption during sleep, affecting the subconscious mind. Always try to keep the bedroom clean, making it the optimum place for peaceful sleep.

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