How to Choose Best Curtains for Master Bedroom

How to Choose Best Curtains for Master Bedroom: Make Over Your Bedroom

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In the decoration of the house, the curtain is essential roll. If the curtains in the house are not beautiful then all the other things are useless. Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind while screening the house so that the house is the most beautiful and special let’s know how to choose curtains  for master bedroom 

How to Choose Curtains According to Vaastu for Master Bedroom –

According to Vaastu, the curtain of the house provides relief from many troubles. If your home is suffering daily or you are troubled by financial constraints or are suffering from a serious illness, according to Vastu, the curtain of the house will definitely help in finding a solution to the problem. In fact, the decoration of the house and the interior of the walls and curtains in the interior is important. As the curtains of various colors impose four moons in the beauty of the house, while also helping in maintaining positive energy in the house.

According to Vastu Shastra, if you have used the color of the curtain in your house, surely there is peace and happiness in your house. The main reason for this is that the effect of color affects our mind, intellect and soul directly. Therefore, the color of the house will definitely affect the interaction and ideas of the people living in that house. That is why if we give importance to the colors in the house decoration, communication of positive energy will remain in our house and happiness and prosperity in the house will definitely be maintained.

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According to Vastu Shastra, the Purpose of Each Room in the House Is Different –

  • Children’s room
  • study room
  • Bridegroom
  • House head room
  • Dining room
  • Guest room
  • Puja room

Therefore, all rooms of the house should not be painted and screened in the same color. By keeping the color of the scenes according to the direction and purpose of the rooms in the house, interference gets peace and sense.

What Does Vaastu Shastra Say?

Vaastu Shastra says that curtains can solve our many problems. It has been reported that we should change the color of the scenes according to the directions in our homes. If there is a fight between people in the family, or there is a dispute, or the people of the house are pestering among themselves, then the curtains of red color in the south of the house will increase the mutual love of the family. And there is peace in the house.

Therefore, there are a few things to keep in mind while screening the house so that the house is the most beautiful and special.

  1. Attractive Living Room :- Make a smart touch in the living room and match the colors of the cushion to the heavy curtains. From this, the living room will get Royal and Classic look.
  2. Elegant dining room :- Place the floor tucking curtains of heavy brocade to give an elegant and retractive look to the dining room.
  3. Guest room :- The curtains on the room ceiling will change the look of the guest room. If the ceiling is cream or white then keep the curtains color as it is.
  4. Bedroom :- Decorate your bedroom with a dark pink color curtain. If you want, you can mix other light colors with Pink.
  5. Children’s Room :- Play the long curtains on the windows to decorate the children’s room with small curtains.

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