Enjoy Greater Privacy with Dual Roller Blinds for Your Home

Enjoy Greater Privacy with Dual Roller Blinds for Your Home

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Do you want to let light into your home but want greater control over it as well? Or, would you like to protect your home from inquisitive neighbors? If you’ve answered in the affirmative to either of these questions, you need to consider opting for dual roller blinds. These near blinds give you a great combination of screen blinds, block out blinds, and let you control how much privacy you would like to enjoy as well as how much light you let into your home. Through these blinds, you can get the ultimate privacy level and you can also operate these blinds as your curtains. During daytime, you can open an exterior layer or screen of these blinds and keep your window open because the second screen of these blinds will protect your family from germs and bacteria during this time. In addition, these blinds are excellent for your security, and you can protect your family from burglars and intruders by installing these dual roller blinds.

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How Dual Roller Blinds Work

  • Put simply, these blinds combine two types of window coverings to give you one neat unit. The first layer towards the outside is a light filter that is made of UV resistant material and it gives you control over the light that streams in, along with partial privacy without blocking your view outside.
  • The second inner layer has a light blocking shade that lets you control it for even complete darkness inside the room. These blinds are ideal if you have worked through the night and need to sleep late into the day, but also need darkness to enjoy a good sleep.
  • Both layers of these dual roller blinds are mounted on a common box known as the fascia. If you’d prefer to choose roller shades without a fascia, these too are available, and they are beneficial if you plan to use additional window treatment.
  • The fascia or a cassette box is fixed to the top of the window by means of brackets to minimize gaps between the shades. A double bracket is always used for these blinds, and the brackets contain facilities for the motor to control the shades. A clutch, beaded cords and connectors help in operating the blinds manually if required.

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Why would Choose Dual Roller Blinds?

Apart from the fact that dual roller blinds give you control over light and privacy in your home, they also help control the ambiance depending on the room, the season and the occasion. When you choose motorized blinds, you can get this control with the simple flip of a switch.

  • These days, blinds come with UV protection and in different colors so you have greater control over the décor of your home too when you choose these blinds. Additionally, if all you need to do is soften natural light, there are blinds that handle this task too.
  • A great truth about dual roller blinds is that they are energy efficient, and this is something that all homeowners love.
  • Since they block out the heat from entering your home, the strain of cooling your home is lower on your air conditioning system and this, in turn, cuts down on energy consumption.

If you’re handy with your home tools, installing dual roller blinds is not a tough task. However, if the whole job is new to you, consider opting for the assistance of a professional who can get the job done to perfection. Needless to say, it is also crucial that you choose blinds that are of the highest quality so that they can last you for a long time.

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