How to Start a Balcony Vegetable Garden

How to Start a Balcony Vegetable Garden: Get Fresh Veggies Easily

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Everyone has a dream of building a garden at home, but sometimes it is not possible to complete this dream due to lack of information. Of course, with a little effort, you can prepare a nice garden in less space, which can grow from decorative flowers to all fruits and vegetables. Along with your health, you can also contribute to the protection of the environment. Know Gardening tips at home that How to start a balcony vegetable garden –

If you love greenery and you want a little bit right, but you want your garden, then this is certainly possible. Despite the shortage of space, you can make a great terrace or kitchen garden. By doing gardening here you can also plant fruits and vegetables in addition to ornamental plants and flowers. You can scatter greenery in the terrace, balcony, windows or living room or even small lawn. Before you put any plant, it is important to know about some things before that.

Soil preparation :- Before planting the plants remove the soil from the gills. If possible, leave it open in the sun for 2-3 days. This will end the insects and fungus in the soil. Then mix compost, manure or dung in the soil, mix well and fill it in the pot. Keep the gram empty of about one third from the top so that the soil and fertilizer do not get carried out after pouring water.

Who can take pot :- Clay pots are the best. You can put them on plastic trays so that the dirt does not spread. Can also use cement gums for strength. Plastics are not as good as they develop to stop the growth of plants. Use oatmeal instead of paint on clay pots. According to size, pottery will be available from 80 rupees to 500 rupees. By the way, you can use the old bucket, tub and even bottles to plant the plants.

Need for manure :- Plants must be fertilized. These fertilizers can be dung or chemical fertilizers found in the market. Neem, mustard or groundnut oil is also used as compost. They contain high protein content.

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Water scales :- Due to excessive water, oxygen present in the soil particles does not reach the roots of the plants, so add water only when the pot is dry. Take care of the weather too. In winter, every third-fourth day and summer should be given water (if possible, 2 time a day). Water should be given in the morning or evening only. Do not forget to put water in plants in bright sunlight. This keeps the plants at risk of scorching. If for some reason you are unable to stay away from home for a few days, and then fill the water in the Gamlas up to the top. Apart from this, remove indoor plants from the room and keep them in open reels so that they can be open air. Plants kept open in the rainy season can remain green for a week without irrigation.

It is also extremely important for the plant to show sunshine during the winter season. Apart from this, there should be continuous rigging from time to time. In the summer, it should be protected from heavy sunlight

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