Plantation Shutters: Different Types And How To Select One

Plantation Shutters: Different Types and How to Select One


Window shutters are generally the basic need which makes a window complete. Likewise, plantation shutters are probably one of the best alternatives to give a rich look to your windows as well as your home. Plantation shutters are a must in warmer places and they look beautiful giving an authentic look to one’s bedroom or den. Plantation shutter or blinds are fixed on the interior side of the windows and they have wide louvers or fixed panels depending on one’s choice. Mostly, white shutters are preferred by most of the people but one can definitely be creative with the colors depending on the house interiors and exteriors.

Different Types of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are available in various shapes, size, colors, materials and designs. There are many types of plantation shutters depending on the type of material they are made up of that one can choose from. Some of them are discussed down below:

Different Types of Plantation Shutters

#1. Composite Shutters

These types of plantation shutters are made up of fake or faux wood. These faux wood are wrapped with MDF in a vinyl or PVC coating which makes them humidity and temperature resistant. These shutters are strong and better alternative to wood shutters and have a longer life than others. These are also cost-effective so that one can remain in their budget to buy these. 

#2. Vinyl Shutters

These shutters are mostly made of PVC or aluminum; there they can have a few structural issues if the shutters are big as they do not have any wooden support. Vinyl shutters does not contain wood, but its PVC or aluminum features will ensure you high stability. They show good humidity resistance in areas which have high moisture content. They are also very inexpensive as compared to other types of plantation shutters. There are a few types of vinyl shutters among which one can choose:

  • Solid vinyl shutters: these are made of the vinyl frame but are filled with PVC which makes them strong and durable.
  • Hollow vinyl shutters: These types of shutters are basically simple vinyl frames which are hollow from inside, which is why they cannot support large frames and can sag over time.
  • Vinyl clad wood shutters: these make an exception from the all-vinyl shutters, as they are basically wood shutters which are covered in vinyl which increases their moisture resistance. But one can find structure hollow frames as they have a vinyl skeleton inside the frame making them more strong and sturdy as compared to the simple hollow frames.

#3. Wood Shutters

These plantation shutters are the best when compared to others in quality and built, as they are strong and sturdy and they do not lose their quality over time. Also, they are very light thus there will be no chance of sagging if the frames are larger in shape. One of the major advantages of these plantation shutter is that unlike composite and vinyl shutters which are prefabricated, wood shutters can be refined into custom shapes and designs and can be painted or strained according to your needs. Now as they are the highest quality they are usually a bit on the higher end of the price tag, but even if one spends a bit on them today they will not have to spend any bit tomorrow on them.

Tips to Select Plantation Shutters

Tips to Select Plantation Shutters

While selecting shutter blinds one need to keep in mind certain things like:

  • Personalization: Anything related to one’s home should be according to the interiors and how much it can uplift the aesthetic beauty of the place. Therefore, by considering the overall look for your house, you can choose the material, color, style and finish according to their choice.
  • Insulation: other than great looks, these plantation shutters also give insulation to the house. Along with adding an elegant look to your home, you can also control the amount of light or heat flow into your house. One can choose material accordingly, especially if one is thinking about complete insulation then PVC and aluminum are the ones to go for.
  • Budget: Lastly one should think about the budget and decide to keep in mind the practicality of the shutters. Some of the shutters may look great but may have less durability and vice versa. One should clearly have a budget before going to shop around for the plantation shutters.

Plantation blinds are a great way to give that authentic look to the house, and they are also highly useful compared to other types of curtains and blinds. Regardless of whether one is choosing PVC, wooden or aluminum shutters, one thing is of a surety that they all are great value for one’s money.

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