Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces

Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces


In most of the standard apartments of our country, the bathrooms are more than the modest size. Accessories, storage systems and in some cases plumbing fixtures are also required to keep washing machines in 3.5-4 m². Also, it is important to not only create a functional room but also to create a beautiful, comfortable environment in which you can relax at the end of the day and can be charged with a voice at the beginning of the next. let’s know Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces

Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces

The task is not simple, but it is viable. Over the years, working with small utility spaces, the designers have gathered a lot of experience in making the complex design of the premises. If it is not possible to increase the physical quantity, it is necessary to provide visual detail of the space with the help of minimal, effective design techniques. Examples of such design methods, as well as the effective layout of plumbing within the small bathroom structure; you will find in our selection with 100 modern, practical and exotic design projects for the bathroom, so let’s know Simple bathroom designs for very small spaces –

Before Starting the Repair

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The smaller the space, the more cautiously prepared for its design. The designer is advocated for total planning – all elements of the interior are selected – from the pipes of water pipes to soap dishes and towel holders such as accessories. Detailed preparation for repair will not only help you to face the general concept, not to miss any details, but to save time and money too. So, the choice of a small bathroom design, sanitary ware layout will be influenced by the following factors:

  • Room type (Nearly everyone has the same layout in the apartment after the private houses or redevelopment in the standard apartment bathroom – option is possible).
  • Way of communication lines (with rare exceptions, any engineering system passing in the bathroom can be transferred to the facility of plumbing).
  • The place of the door, the window’s presence (hang the door so that it does not open in the bathroom, but in the corridor, bedroom or hallway).
  • The possibility of setting up a forced ventilation system (as a rule, with this point there is no problem in the apartments of the most diverse modification).

Style of the Bathroom

Decide on the style of the bathroom. Unfortunately with the area of 3.5 m², the options to actually create original, special designs within a single base are a little bit. Designers recommend following the modern style, which goes for minimalism. Simple and concise design with minimal decoration, without cumbersome storage systems, strict set of sanitary ware – the best option for designing a small bathroom.

Color Scheme for Small Bathroom

Russian, which is done by doing a small useful room (and extremely rare at the time of the construction of other previous-century apartments) is well aware that bright colors are helping to make minor arrangements in the bathroom size, not only The introduction of lightness and freshness for the interior, but also with a visual detail of space. For most of us this white color symbolizes purity and freshness, which are necessary in the room for water and sanitation processes.

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