7 Gardening Tools To Transform Your Garden Back To Life

7 Gardening Tools To Transform Your Garden Back To Life

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Planting sapling as a kid was the thing I would impatiently look forward to doing, sometimes from school, I would get some plants and rush back home to plant them. It all started while I was a school going kid and had no clear and precise knowledge about gardening and its tools. Gardening tools? Wait, What’s that! Being a kid, I would just dig in with my hands and place the sapling there, expecting it to grow in a blink. I used to do that a lot, and some would die the very next day. Then, as time flew by, and I got acquainted with the gardening tools, which initially my hands did now tools did that.

Purpose Of Gardening Tools:

Purpose Of Gardening Tools

Right tools and their knowledge to use them gifts you a healthy and green garden. If you ask me there are various tools, but there are certain tools that are a must-have in your big collection. So here are the 7 gardening tools to transform your garden back to life:

  1. The Spade

The Spade

It is a flat rectangular blade that makes digging an easy peasy thing for you. It is the most essential gardening tool as without digging there would be no plantation, you need to have this in your box. If you are thinking about transplanting a plant and badly confused about how and what to do. Take out the spade and start the work with ease. No spade means no good plantation, get yours soon.

  1. Hoe


A Hoe has an ocean of variety and you should be clear with the type of hoe you need. If you want to dig holes, opt for a hoe with a broad hoe with a larger blade if you are working in a small space opt for a warren hoe to serve your purpose. Choose wisely as per your needs.

  1. Trowel


It has a pointed blade, that is shaped like a scoop and is comparatively longer than the blade of a spade. It’s used for digging holes and brushing soil. Use it for mixing soil and weeding. Always choose a cast or forged style as it won’t bend on encountering a stone. Make gardening fun and convenient with a trowel.

  1. Digging Fork

Digging Fork

The soil seems tough and packed, a digging fork is a piece of the right equipment. It is designed specifically for this purpose with four tines that are flat and thick. It loosens up the soil with its blade. It can mix soil easily and remove plants clump without bringing much the soil with it. Choose heavy-duty tines as it won’t break off on encountering a stone or toughness of the soil.

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  1. Rake


You may possess a traditional rake used for removing dead leaves and other things from the garden. But you should try to get a ground rake to smoothen up the rocky and bumpy soil. In the market, rakes are available in plastic, wooden and metal material, but it is better to get a metal one as it promises high durability.

  1. Loppers


Trees or shrubs growing out of shape and you despise that look? Here’s the solution get loppers and trim them off the extra growth or diseased branches. While shopping for loppers be careful to check about the maximum thickness it can cut. Add loppers to the tool bag.

  1. Weeder


Weeds are the real pain to gardeners and more than that it could be really difficult to remove their existence. But with the help of hand weeder in your tool bag, you can easily remove the weed with a tap root as tines penetrate deep in soil pulling them out.

So this was a sneak peek in the gardening tool bag, for a better gardening experience. Now you all are aware of the basic types of equipment to have joyful gardening experience, don’t dirty your hands unnecessarily. Put on the gloves and start off. If you have any other must-have tools in your mind that I missed, do share! Green blissful gardening everyone.

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