Tips on Planning Your Next Renovation

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One of the first obstacles you need to overcome when you are thinking of renovating your home is your budget, whilst the second is usually your lack of experience. This is where a builder or renovation expert comes in handy because they can help you to prioritize your budget, source wholesale prices for your materials and manage the entire renovation for you.

If you are considering renovating your home, here are a few steps that should keep you on the straight and narrow.

  • Professional design plan: Jotting the design of your new kitchen or bathroom down on a bit of paper isn’t going to help a builder or renovation expert give you an accurate quote. Instead, you need a professional design layout that shows any structural alterations that need to be made and the locations of all fixtures, appliances, and accessories, as well as accurate measurements. Your builder or renovation expert will be able to help you with these design layouts or you can have the plans drafted separately and use them as the basis for obtaining quotes for the work.

Should you move out

  • Council approvals: If you are managing the renovations yourself, you will have to talk to your local council to find out if any specific approvals are required for your renovations. Once you know which approvals are required you will need to submit the plans to the council, pay a fee and then wait for them to be passed. It can take weeks for your plans to go to the council and if any changes are required, you will need to adjust the plans and resubmit them. Your builder or renovation expert can do all of this for you and they will usually have access to a fast-track system for council approvals, which is a huge bonus!
  • Should you move out? If you are having extensive renovations to your home, it makes sense to move out until they are complete. Demolitions, structural changes, dust, noise and tradies tramping through your home are not conducive to a quiet stress-free life, so moving out might be a good idea. Of course, not everyone has someone they can move in with during their renovations, even if it’s just temporary and most people can’t afford to stay in a motel. Living with a renovation can be difficult, but a frank conversation with your builder or renovation expert should result in a few workable solutions that keep your renovations on track and give you peace of mind at the same time.

Should you move out

  • Communication tips: Whether you are living on site or not during your renovations, you need to organize a schedule of meetings with your builder or renovation expert, even if it’s just first thing every morning. Wandering around the site, chatting to the tradespeople, asking questions or opinions might sound like a good idea, but you are interrupting their work and tradespeople are not going to be the ones making the decisions. Always talk to the person in charge, rather than the tradies and leave them to get on with the work of renovating your home.

With these few simple tips, your renovations should be plain sailing.

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